#1658  M@sk Fabric style
#1658  M@sk Fabric style
#1658  M@sk Fabric style
#1658  M@sk Fabric style

#1658 M@sk Fabric style

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                            Can you believe what this world has came too? 

"2020" for all just has been such a mess but together as a whole, we can slowly fix it by sticking together with every little help each one can give from our hearts. 

Lets ease the pain with a little fun. As you know most places are requiring us to follow CDC guidelines, so here are some fabrics to choose from to mask the situation. NOOOO, it does not protect you from COVID-19, but Yessss, it helps the spread. 

I know some of you are like, " I don't want to wear them, they are annoying, suffocating, too big, too tightI have asthma, I have COPD?", Welp, there is no choice! Do you want that big fine so you can give your hard working money away because you have an opinion? Remember, DON'T BE THE PROBLEM, EMBRACE THE SOLUTION" We shall get through this.

I have acquired many fabrics over the past few months for you to choose from, so take a look at the webstore for over 380 or more fabric choices.

1. Choose a mask style (HL) for Hannibal Lecture full face or (SP) Surgical Pleated like the hospital would supply you. Don't worry, I will provide you with Auto Blue Paper Towel Filters to get you started. This gives you time to go to "Walmart" or "Automotive" stores for a few bucks to get rolls. Cut them to the size of the mask and insert. Each day throw away and handwash mask or leave inside a hot car in direct sunlight to sanitize each mask. 

2. Choose the size you need. For HL the sizes are generic Youth Small, Youth, Sm/med, Large, X-Large and run a tad big, the elastic is the challenge to get the mask to fit. SP masks come in three sizes Child, Teen, Adult, XL Child.  Masks will also have 6,8,9,10 inches of elastic depending on the size mask so if you need big please let us know or other options you choose for the ears.

3. Choose your ear strap. We offer Flat elastic for free to every mask unless otherwise. Alternatives are paracord, round elastic, ribbon, handmade fabric ties, stretchy material.

4. Choose the fabric choice by numbers and qty of each size.

NOTE: ***If you need full head elastic or ties please message us